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Damn Birthday Card
Rhonda Monahan

It was a perfect card for the recipient, just perfect!

Love it!

Love this fruity scent and how strong it is. My favorite candle company!

Very Nice Candle

Thanks for this beautifully scented candle.

Love the candle

I wanted this one before but it was sold out. Glad I was able to get it this time. Smells great and burns slow. The playlist is dope too.

Amazing !!

I wasn’t sure about this scent but it has become one of my favorite. It’s the perfect vanilla and lemon scented candle. So unique and highly recommended!!

This scent is 🔥

I opened this & it smelled like a black man in a nice fitted suit. It might be my new favorite.

Perfect candles EVER

I’ve bought candles lots of different places, however THESE candles smell so exotic and amazing. No matter the scent it takes you to a whole different place. You can’t go wrong when it comes to these candles.

One of my favorite scents

I love these candles. I get a few for myself and a few for gifts. Also, ordered some cards for the first time today.


This candle is one of my favorites I could burn it daily!!

All The Smoke (Sample Packs)
Keyana Ayres

5 stars

This candles smell delicious! It literally scents the entire room and lasts forever it seems. My ...

Shipping is fast and I love supporting Black Businesses!! ❤️❤️❤️

I just received my candle yesterday and I love it. I love the name of the candle.

I had a great overall experience from placing my order to receiving my order.

I can't stop ordering them they smell so good 🥰🥰...

Absolutely love this, would love a high intensity version of this.

Love the smell and playlist.

5 stars

Absolutely love the smell and style of this candle!

Perfect Fall Candle!


This has such a deep, yet clean smell. Infused with thug passion, is exactly what it smells like!

The frangrance of my Dreams!

This candle is so refreshing and clean. I work from home and it has been such a plesant aromatic to my work area. I honestly could smell it as I opened my box and I was not dissapointed after I lit the wick. I LOVE LOVE LOVE candles and last year when I got COVID I was so devastated when my smell did not return after several weeks. I thought I would never smell a candle again. Slowly but surely my smell came back and now I have such a greater appreciation.

This candle gave what it is suppose to give!! From the smell to the name!

I love this company and will be shopping for a while.