Meet the Founder


My name is Kylah Chadwick and it is my joy to introduce myself as the owner of So Black Candle Company. Being an Entrepreneur, and sharing my gifts and talents with the world, has always been a passion of mine. Now, I'm able to bring my passion and creativity to you directly, through my love of candles and culture.

Born and raised in Connecticut, I was always taught the values of hard work and good character. I worked my way through college, obtaining a masters degree in social work, while still keeping my eyes on entrepreneurship.

Growing up I maintained a deep love for my culture and my community. I feel that representation of our culture is important not only for us now, but for the up coming generations too. Being able to be a positive role model within my family, my culture, and my community, has always been at the core of who I am.

Through the sincerity of my actions, the products offered within my business, and the love and positive vibes that I put into everything, my hope is that you feel valued, appreciated, and truly seen here at So Black Candle Company. I am Kylah Chadwick, and it is my joy to send a little bit of my light, to you.