Why So Black Candle Co.?


Welcome to So Black Candle Company. Our goal is to provide you with amazing, affordable, quality candles, while representing the love for our Culture. Our candles are all handmade locally, with love and attention to detail and quality.

Our specialized soy blend wax ensure your candles have strong scent throws, slower and cleaner burns, as well as a longer burn times. Our candles are able to give you 40+ hours of wonderful fragrance throughout your space.

One of the other features we incorporated into our candles was to ensure great quality, through the type of wicks we use. Our wicks are made from both high performing, and natural materials. We use a variety of wicks, to ensure each wick works seamlessly with the specific oils used in each candle. This allows for you to get the cleanest and most fragrant burns.

The final detail that makes our candles the high quality, amazing works of art they are, are the names. These unique names, specific to our culture, are named after various cultural references from music, TV, and phrases. Our hope is that these names make you smile when you see them, and remind you of our connectedness in this world.